GED’s Ventures division has added five new operations in recent months

With the second closing, last December, of the GED Tech Seed fund (managed by the Portuguese fund manager GED Ventures Portugal), our Venture Capital division reached €122 million under management. In just three months it has closed five deals with its two funds, GED Conexo Ventures and GED Tech Seed.

On the one hand, GED Conexo Ventures invested in January 1.5 million in Payflow, a platform that enables the employees of any client company to obtain, automatically and without interest, an advance of up to 30% of their monthly salary, which is an important social benefit provided by the companies.

Also from GED Ventures Portugal, the ‘GED Tech Seed’ fund added four operations in start-ups with an average investment of 1.5 million euros in each of them: DeepNeuronic, which has innovative solutions for automating the detection, in real time, of abnormal and threatening activities through CCTV cameras, to help in the field of video surveillance, through Artificial Intelligence, increasing protection and public safety; Nu-Rise, dedicated to finding innovative solutions that increase efficiency in radiotherapy treatment of cancer; C02Offset, active in the field of climate change, which has developed an innovative technology that can calculate, with a high degree of accuracy, the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered in a given forest area, leading to the tokenisation of carbon credits that can be traded; Assetflow, a start-up focused on retail tech that has developed a set of algorithms and AI technology that can map and predict consumer behaviour in a shop without the use of cameras or sensors.

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