GED Ventures

With EUR 150 million under management in 2023, the funds in the GED Ventures area focus their investment on startups and entrepreneurs fostering technological and digital innovation, through new proprietary technologies (preferably patented) and/or disruptive business models that contribute to the transformation of the traditional economy.

In GED Ventures, we seek companies that:

  • Are among the first ones to do something unique and different, creating new needs in the market.
  • Radically transform the sectors where they operate, using new technologies and/or changing standards and business models, simplifying tasks, and making them easier for consumers 
The GED Ventures team

Has a global approach and extensive experience in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. We provide strategic, financial, commercial, legal, and human resources support to the portfolio companies, in addition to driving their international expansion. In particular, portfolio companies receive full support from our team to syndicate future financing rounds with sector-specific funds from these geographies. 


GED Ventures has two management companies (one in Spain and one in Portugal) that have raised two funds: Ged Conexo Ventures a Spanish fund of €50 million and Ged Tech Seed with €100 million in Portugal.

Investment Criteria

The Spanish fund, GED Conexo Ventures, focuses on investing in Series A (or pre-Series A) rounds of startups, mainly from Spain and in the digital sector (software verticals, Fintech, e-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, etc.). This fund has already invested in 16 companies. 

The Portuguese fund, GED Tech Seed, focuses on investing in Seed (or post-Seed) rounds of Portuguese startups with a prominent level of investment or R&D expenses, certified by ANI (Portuguese National Innovation Agency). This fund primarily invests in verticals such as Health Tech, Biotech, Clean Tech, and digital, with 6 companies already in its portfolio. 

01. Investments in Series A and Seed

GED Ventures relies on entrepreneur-investor alignment to achieve and develop ambitious projects. This philosophy allows us to adapt financing needs to the specific development stage of each startup, ensuring optimal growth and the consequent value maximization for the company and its shareholders.  

02. Team of Entrepreneurs and Succesful Managers from a Multidisciplinary Perspective

Value-added Generation for Portfolio Companies

A team of 15 people, including 7 partners with an average of over 20 years of investment experience in the sector.
Partners and advisors with operational experience in supporting entrepreneurs.
A global network of contacts for talent acquisition and growth support.
The ability to connect Iberian innovation with companies in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.
Possibilities for follow-up co-investment with VC funds from Europe and the United States.
Access to non-dilutive public financing instruments for portfolio companies.