Real Assets - Infrastructure

GED Infrastructure is one of the three divisions of the management firm. It specialises in public and private infrastructure investment and manages private investment vehicles as well as European Structural and Investment Fund vehicles, aimed at sustainable urban development and energy efficiency projects in various regions of Spain. 

GED team’s extensive expertise in this area has positioned the firm as one of the Spanish leading asset managing firms specialising in infrastructure investment. 

GED Infrastructure is currently divided into two areas: 

Private Investment

Low-risk, low-volatility fund focused mainly on brownfield operations in five areas (mobility, social infrastructure, environment, telecommunications, and renewables).

Public sector investors

ERDF funds belonging to Autonomous Communities, channelled through initiatives under the support of public institutions such as the European Investment Bank or the Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving).

Investment Criteria

With wide-ranging experience in investments in traditional infrastructure, telecommunications, mobility, social infrastructure, accommodation, renewable energies, and energy efficiency.

Multi-asset approach

Extensive operational experience in several types of assets regardless of their development stage, providing dedicated support in day-to-day operations. GED normally has a presence on the board of directors of the asset, regardless of the shareholding, and the ability to make decisions aligned with the investor’s interests.

Asset management

Great capacity to seek opportunities in small and medium-sized infrastructure assets or companies in the national territory. 

Small to medium-sized projects

Involvement in the management of the project and greater chances of obtaining better returns due to less competition.

Industrial approach to value creation

Multisectorial Investment

GED Infrastructure manages different vehicles which, depending on their nature, focus on one sector or another.

Energy generation
Social and environmental
Energy Efficiency

Added value generation

Diversification in the risk profile of our investments towards products with low volatility and recurring returns. We emphasize the soundness of the concession contract or regulatory framework, and the solvency of the counterparty.

Concessions, low-risk projects, on-demand or in regulated markets

We rely on an experienced team in a wide range of infrastructure projects and diverse geographies.

Leadership and contract negotiation

These assets are less affected by economic cycles, with recurrent and reliable cash flows and reasonable returns while assuming minimal risks.

Attractive brownfield assets

Strong commitment to ESG best practices, the integration of control and monitoring indicators, as well as the inclusion of corrective and improvement measures as a lever to drive long-term value creation in the infrastructure field.

ESG approach

Assets under management

GED Infrastructure’s portfolio currently manages four vehicles with different investment strategies, ranging from traditional core infrastructure assets to telecommunications investments, urban development funds and energy efficiency.

Private Equity investment fund with a target of €150 million to invest in infrastructure in a broad sense.

The fund is currently in the investment and fundraising stage, with one investment in its portfolio and in the advanced process of closing two more. In addition, there is an important pipeline of opportunities under preliminary study.

GED Infraestructuras Iberia, F.C.R.

Vehicle financed with funds from the Andalusia ERDF OP (2014-2020), under the Fund of Funds created by the Andalusia Regional Government and managed by the EIB aimed at promoting Sustainable Urban Development.

The fund was awarded in 2019 and is currently in the investment stage.


Vehicle financed with funds from the Andalusia ERDF OP (2007-2013), within the framework of the JESSICA Initiative promoted by the European Commission and the EIB, investing in the improvement and rehabilitation of the urban environment.

The fund has been fully invested since 2016 and must be divested by 2030.


Vehicle promoted by IDAE and financed with funds from the ERDF OP 2007-2013 allocated to various Autonomous Communities under the JESSICA initiative managed by the EIB, investing in energy efficiency projects in different Spanish regions.

The fund was fully invested in 2016 through long-term loans.


Other investment areas