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GED’s Commitment to Sustainability

At GED we have been investing in companies and their management teams for the past 25 years. We remain convinced that implementing and properly monitoring environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria leads to a Sustainability Policy, which ensures value creation across our management companies and their portfolios, which will contribute a lasting legacy in society, even after our exit.

Our firm commitment to ESG criteria is embodied through a homogeneous Sustainability Policy which is applied to our management companies and entire portfolio by professional teams, who adhere to best ESG practices throughout the investment cycle.

GED adopts a rigorous approach towards socially responsible investment, right from before we even invest in a company, through to our supervision and management when it becomes part of our portfolio, with the clear purpose of generating value to society, as well as economic value. These principles were formally implemented in 2016 with the commitment to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

The Group has a governance structure geared at ensuring the integration of ESG criteria at all levels of the organization. For this purpose, GED has set up a top-level corporate committee – the ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee – comprising the Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the GED group, the Managing Partners of the different business units (Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Assets) –all of them directors of GED Partners-, and the Chief Financial Officer, who are responsible for regulating, developing and controlling corporate governance and the Sustainability Policy for the entire group.

It also includes an ESG Operational Manager who supports and coordinates the implementation of the Sustainability Policy at group level and also for investor relations.

In terms of remuneration, GED is implementing a new remuneration policy associated, in part, with achieving the objectives set out by the Sustainability Policy and reducing Sustainability risks in the portfolio companies.

We constantly strive to make changes that impact the way we approach ESG criteria within the group, with the commitment of each and every team member.

Declaration on adverse impact regarding sustainability

GED adheres to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda
Since its beginnings, GED has developed a responsible investment strategy, implementing policies to improve corporate governance and including environmental, social and governance criteria in its valuation parameters. The Sustainability Policy that the GED group applies in the companies that comprise the group, and the Responsible Investment Report, which analyses details of measures implemented both at GED group level and within the portfolio companies, have arisen from GED’s commitment to ESG.

Sustainability Policy

Annual Responsible Investment Report

Principles and values of GED’s Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Strategy Integration and Investment Process

Examples of Sustainability action

Private Equity

Real Assets

Venture Capital

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