Responsible Investment

At GED, we have created a list of key performance indicators to track our ESG transformation and to make a comparative assessment of our ESG progress in our three divisions. 

ESG Integration Indicators

Firstly, we analyse the measures we take during the investment process with internally developed indicators to appraise the ESG integration before and during the investment period. GED is studying how to calculate the added value that ESG actions have for the company at the exit point.

Key Performance Indicators

Secondly, we assess the key performance indicators of our portfolio companies. In 2021, we measured our progress in the three business units, being aware of the differences between them.

With our Private Equity area, we hold a majority stake in the companies, which allows us to make decisions and promote ESG matters more dynamically. Our goal is to measure the effectiveness of our mission of inspiring and raising awareness about the importance of doing good business around these critical issues. 

For this analysis, we evaluate the measures taken during and after the investment period to determine the ESG integration. Thus, we monitor corporate governance, social, and environmental fields, and the information provided by our portfolio companies. The key indicators we consider, which expand or vary depending on the type of asset or sector, are as follows: 

The existence of independent directors, a Code of ethics/ethical policy, an anti-money laundering and anti-corruption policy, and compliance systems.

01. Corporate Governance

Equal opportunity plans, talent attraction and retention, data protection measures, health and safety plans, corporate volunteer initiatives, and environmental action.

02. Social

Waste and consumption control, existence of environmental policies and certificates, measurement of carbon footprint.

03. Environment