Integration of sustainability risks

GED integrates sustainability risks into its investment decisions, as reflected in the ‘sustainability policy.’ 

Compensation policy

GED is implementing a new performance-based compensation policy, partly linked to the achievement of goals set by the Sustainability Policy and the reduction of Sustainability risks in portfolio companies.

We constantly strive to make changes that impact how we address ESG criteria within the Group, with the commitment of every single team member. 

Transparent Investment

Since its inception, GED has developed a strategy of responsible and transparent investing, implementing corporate governance improvement policies and incorporating environmental, social, and governance criteria into its valuation parameters. 

As a result of this commitment, we reached two milestones: the Sustainability Policy, applied by the GED Group in the subsidiaries that make up the group, and the Responsible Investment Report, which analyses the measures implemented, both at the GED Group and at the portfolio companies. 

Read our reports

We publish annually our sustainability reports, where we measure our performance and progress in ESG from the management companies and our portfolio companies.